For some people, luxury is a way of life rather than an occasional indulgence. Only those residences, cars, wines, watches, jewels and gadgets that live up to the highest standards of quality and style can ever win their approval. These are the people for whom EZ was created. Thanks to the magazine’s unique distribution, these are the people who read it. With a vibrant mix of luxury, fashion and people, EZ is the essential lifestyle companion to Malaysia’s ultra-discerning society.

Published quarterly, EZ can be found for your reading pleasure at the following establishments:

  • major hotels and hospitals
  • selected upmarket boutiques and prominent art galleries
  • food outlets such as restaurants and cafes
  • major bookstores such as Borders, Popular, and MPH
  • selected local and international airports


Instead of driving to your local cafe you can now read EZ online. Just start flipping through our digital magazine for an enjoyable reading experience!

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